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Roleplay Central This is the place to post character journals, write character stories, and document character development and progression.

Subforum: Correspondence Sundren Press

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Old 05-24-2015
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Light and Shadow in the Void

As Dalian and her companion touched the locket, they were transported mentally to a world of white, devoid of any scenery. With a wave of her hand, a vivid forest grove appeared, looking as real as anything in the outside world, but with vague black boundaries far beyond the trees. In front of them appeared a vague grey spirit. Dalian approached it slowly, and reached inside, where its heart would be. She twisted and pulled loose from it another spirit, black in color, turning the existing spirit a pure white. The two spirits took form, the white taking that of a carbon copy of Dalian, and the black a male hin, not too dissimilar looking from Dalian, though distinctly masculine.

The real Dalian stepped far away from the two. She said nothing except, "Begin."

The battle began as the two hin hurled themselves at each other, and a swift battle of constantly shifting forms began, each change intended to take advantage of a weakness in the opponent's form. Nails, claws, tentacles, bone scythes, branches, even raw elemental energy; every natural form the pair were able to take appeared. Sometimes it was only for a moment, giving that brief edge that might let one side or the other land a lethal blow. But it was clear to the observers that both sides are equally well versed in the art of combat. Both managed to land heavy blows, crushing limbs and rupturing veins, but neither side relented. The battle seemed endless, as each side took time in various regenerative forms. But such respites were forced to be brief, as the battle raged even as bones and ligaments stitched themselves back together. They began to fight with words as well, which resonated within the ephemeral walls of the dream hall.

"Aren't you having fun yet? You should be. Holding yourself back for so long, repressing these primal urges, that's no way to live. Break bones, tear flesh, KILL! That's the way to get what you truly desire from life. Caitlyn stole that pleasure from you, so tell me, why do you still wear that locket?"

The female spirit's voice echoed from her current form. The battle seemed to freeze in time for her to respond. "You have no idea what I desire, what pleasures I hold dear. My only regret is that I could never share those with you. The Heart spares me from you, and your rage. No matter how much pain it causes me, I will never let that consume me."

The male spirit laughed even as a fanged jaw crushed his leg. "But I am you, and you are me. Even locked away as I am, I can feel you. Even as you smile at that arrogant Marshal, or that bastard dwarf, or that stupid human, I can feel your thoughts. How much easier would it be if they were just dead? You would take much pleasure in killing them."

The female spirit seemed to rage in response. "You hear only the echoes of your own voice within the bounds of your cage. I feel your desire. But I know them as yours, and yours alone. My desire to resist only makes my will stronger. I will never become what you are. And you, you have no choice but to despair, rage within your cage. Because I am not you. You died a long time ago, and you're never coming back."

The male hin retaliated with a vicious blow directly to the female's throat, causing an explosive spray of blood, and killing her instantly. "Believe what you will, but I am very much alive. Someday, you'll need my strength, and when you do? You'll be the one imprisoned here. I will take pleasure in killing everyone you ever cared about. I will tear out their throats, rip out their hearts, consume their bodies whole. And then I think I'll pay a visit to Caitlyn, and pay her in kind for all the wonderful things she's done for me. I think perhaps death will be too kind for her, and in the end, she will beg me for it."

Tears gripped the onlooking Dalian as she collapsed to her knees. With a wave of her hand, she dismissed the dream hall, along with its two inhabitants. All that remained was her and her companion in a white void, as she held herself, sobbing with pain and anguish burning in her heart.
Dalian - Shapeshifter of the Tuatha Dé Dúlra
"My true identity goes beyond the outer roles I play. It transcends the Self."
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