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Old 11-17-2008
Azulfae's Avatar
Azulfae Azulfae is offline
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: London, England
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Azulfae is on a distinguished road
I played on ALFA for about 4 years. My Username was Cynon and I had two characters of note.

Nyeer Morifae (Sorrow) (1 year) Rogue/Cleric of Shar, used to carry a massive adamaintine Scythe.

Kail Onifhet, Rogue/Fighter/Blackguard of Shar. (3 Years) Looked like a cross between Batman and Darth vader with his big red glowing bastard sword.

I also played on City of Arabel for about 1.5 years most recently before coming here. Username was Azulfae there too.

My main characters there were:

Jinn, a green dragon archer of house DeSchurr

Juggra, A half-orc Barbarian/Fighter with a massive Doubleaxe and Blood red armour. Was one of the guardians of Trystan's trade and mined a lot of ore that was pumped into the player economy in the form iron that was used to make weapons and armour. Also the character that got me hooked on Half-orcs.
If honour is truth and a lie is respect, then a secret is sacred.
Confide in me my friend and I shall love you like no other.
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Old 11-20-2008
Sammael Sammael is offline
Join Date: Sep 2007
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Sammael is on a distinguished road
In NWN1 I played on Glorwing server for ages as Sammael Redstone (shockingly enough). I absolutely loved that server. Shame it died.
Sammael Redstone - Country-raised sorceror, knows his drink
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Old 11-20-2008
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Product of Void Product of Void is offline
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Product of Void has a spectacular aura aboutProduct of Void has a spectacular aura about
Originally Posted by Sammael View Post
In NWN1 I played on Glorwing server for ages as Sammael Redstone (shockingly enough). I absolutely loved that server. Shame it died.
Yeah some great folks there. Bloodhand were fun. Do not remeber that charactor though.
blame everything right in my life on god -Me.
Being insane in a sane world is alot more fun then being a sane man in an insane world. -Me
I am only what you percieve, and even that is an illusion. -Me.

Ashinet Clavin Shiv Shadowsong
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Old 11-21-2008
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ForsakenMustache ForsakenMustache is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: pennsylvania
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Ay carumba, you're all foreigners to me. I played on a module called the inn of worlds, don't remember the server name. Had a great time there then I played on another server named the winter's end, which was later renamed to matnumara or something like that. The first module i played there was called Anhel'jai, i didn't really think it was that good but it was the best i could find at the time. Then the authorities scrapped that module and came out with in my opinion a much much better one called Xyrastalis. great DMs on that server, except the majority of them were rather mean
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The songs have absolutely nothing to do with the characters. But they are awesome songs.
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Old 01-02-2017
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Dracko you still around?
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