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Roleplay Central This is the place to post character journals, write character stories, and document character development and progression.

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Old 06-18-2015
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The Escort

Chime crested the last hill overlooking the final checkpoint that led into the city of Sestra. Before she started down towards the city, she paused, looking back over the forested trail to watch the setting sun sink below the trees. It was an exquisite, breathtaking view. The scarlet light splashed over the forest like flames. Overhead, silver clouds glowed above the blaze of light that was slowly starting to fade at the edges into a deep, rich purple. For a moment the urge to linger; to watch the sky darken into gem studded blackness welled up so strongly within her, she almost forgot what she had come here to do. The urge didn’t last long however. And after one last, lingering look, the silver haired priestess turned, resuming her walk toward the city in the distance.

Half way down the hill she spotted a small party of four standing in the shadow of a great ruined fortress. She couldn’t quite see the features of the three taller figures standing on the side of the road. But she knew that the smaller figure a few steps away from the three men, was the woman she had come here to meet. Her steps slowed as she looked over the men, trying to get a feel for who the Lord Marshal had sent and which one of the men here, was in charge.

She needn’t have bothered however. As soon as she was close enough to see them all clearly, the well dressed courtier in the center took a step toward her. She glanced at the man, then addressed the woman standing a few steps away from the men.

“Dorothea… “, the beautiful woman said softly. Then gave the small woman a brilliant smile, despite the fear the two guards lingering behind the courtier invoked within her.

“Miss Chime, you’ve come.” A look of relief spreading across the hin's features.

“Heatwarder, how pleasant to see you well.” The voice of the courtier broke in.

Chime turned towards the man. “It is lovely to see you too.” Her voice trailed off, as if prompting the man for his name.

“Attendant Igyio Test”, he replied. “The Lord Marshal, requested that I,” he paused for a moment, and then continued on. “Protect the priestess.” After several seconds he added. “Until you arrived.”

“Then you have my thanks, Attendant Test.” The Heartwarder murmured to the man. Then she turned, smiling at the smaller woman again as she canted her head slightly to the side. Her silver hair fell over her shoulder like a silken cloud as she offered her hand to Dorothea. “Are you ready Priestess?”

Igyio’s smile was downright dastardly as he looked at Chime. “The guards here, “ he gestured to the two men standing behind him, “ will wait for the priestess return. Please see that she is not harmed. Her sisters at the Earth Mother’s shrine would be most upset, I think.”

Dorothea gave Igyio a look of contempt before moving to the other woman's side.

“Of course,” came the husky reply. “It would be a loss to all of Sundren should one of the priestess of the Great Mother be injured." Chime favored the guards with a smile and a little wave as Igyio bowed and turned toward the path leading back to the Black Keep.

“Shall we?” The beautiful woman asked, looking down at the other priestess.

“Please lead on, Miss Chime.” Came the other woman’s reply.
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