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Roleplay Central This is the place to post character journals, write character stories, and document character development and progression.

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Old 03-16-2016
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nezzerscape is a splendid one to beholdnezzerscape is a splendid one to beholdnezzerscape is a splendid one to beholdnezzerscape is a splendid one to beholdnezzerscape is a splendid one to beholdnezzerscape is a splendid one to beholdnezzerscape is a splendid one to behold
A cold night s embrace.

As the seasons past, Alexandra Nezzerscape’s station only grew stronger within the Black Hand. As one of the two (three) Marshals under Lord Datton’s command she continued to learn under his guidance. During this time Clive Tarsus became more distant as did the rest of the vampires and this weighed on her. She swore allegiance to the Black Hand and it has become home over the years, but she also swore both her flash and soul to that of Clive Tarsus. It was through him she would serve her true lord and master, Bane.

She knew not to question her master as their time between lettings grew longer. Perhaps it was the “itch”, or longing of their embrace that sadden her, but she knew better. At first, his powers did not affect her; she gave herself willing to the Cleric of Bane. But as time grew on, did he weaken her resistance or did her devotion simply grow stronger? Her mind wondered to these things as of late. True as his ghoul she gained some power, but she knew power was not was she sought. She was a simple tool for Bane, nothing more and nothing less. Yes, that thought comforted her through the lonely nights.

It was not until late one night that he returned for her. As she had always done, she knelt in front of him, offering her flesh. As usual, he reached down and placed a finger under her chin commanding her to rise and so she did. Now standing in clothed only by the moon light, she awaited his embrace. She melted as he leaned in, feeling his breath on her neck. The moment seemed like an eternity as she waited. As his lips softly touched her ear he spoke softly “It is time”. With those three words, he wrapped her flesh in his cloak and they disappeared.

It was Dante’ that first noticed her absence and eventually entered her room only to find everything left behind. Was she taken? Did she leave on her own? Would she ever return?

(conceptually approved by
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