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Roleplay Central This is the place to post character journals, write character stories, and document character development and progression.

Subforum: Correspondence Sundren Press

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Old 01-27-2016
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greypawn has much to be proud ofgreypawn has much to be proud ofgreypawn has much to be proud ofgreypawn has much to be proud ofgreypawn has much to be proud ofgreypawn has much to be proud ofgreypawn has much to be proud ofgreypawn has much to be proud of
Eulogies. Conclusions. Legacies.

With a new beginning approaching, its fun to reflect on whats been. Not all of us got to know each other's characters as well as we'd probably like due to time zones or playing on the other side of things. So here is the challenge. Write three to five sentences, no more, on former characters you've played that you feel have held an importance in any way. The sentence limitation is important as it makes you choose your words carefully while making for a quick and easy read for others. I'll start with my first, and perhaps most infamous, character I played.

Varsick 'Vee' Gyz
'The Tyrant's Blade'
'Jace Blackwell'

Born an unwanted bastard to one ugly harlot just outside Zhentil Keep, Varsick was given to the Church of Bane at a young age. This ever terrified, single minded, loyal dog to The Black Lord went through a period of low life living, drug addiction, and violent crimes till he found himself embraced by a cleric named Clive Tarus. He served Clive, loyally, above nobody but Bane and was among the first to be considered by the elders of Colibrus for the 'dark gift' of which Varsick cowardly yielded and backed Tarus for, in a fashion one would expect of servant. Later Varsick was resented by followers of the blood god, fed on, and even punished with self-flagellation till the Triad tracked down the fanatical assassin in The Spine where they ended his vile existence. Camp fire horror stories are still told by some who say, "If you listen carefully, you can still hear his hate filled stutter on the cold winds as his frozen scarlet mustached corpse, that has never been officially located, creeps through the night seeking the lives of those who aid, or are of, the Triad."

After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box.
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Old 01-27-2016
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Kasso has a brilliant futureKasso has a brilliant futureKasso has a brilliant futureKasso has a brilliant futureKasso has a brilliant futureKasso has a brilliant futureKasso has a brilliant futureKasso has a brilliant futureKasso has a brilliant future
I'll do my favorite character, and probably my most involved with what was going on at the time on the server.

Anasath Zesiro

A patient, kind hearted mulhorandi woman whom worshiped Lathander. She evolved during my time playing her from being beaten and tortured by vampires to her greatest achievement of dusting three at once (especially Ruby, love you Cat!), alone. Her RP was being overwhelmingly joyful and patient with the people around her, though at the same time knowing when to put her foot down and get serious. She was almost bipolar some of the time, I still remember her crushing a Myrkulites skull with her mace for fear-mongering at the Second Wind, Dane was getting ready to arrest her when the body exploded with undead and all was forgiven! She had a good run, definitely my favorite Sundren character.
Aesa Volsung - Uthgardt Warrior

Gabrielle Atkinson - Mage Priest of Torm
Anasath Zesiro - Mulhorandi Morninglord
Kyoko - Tiefling Diviner
Yashedeus - Cyrist Warlock
Aramil - Nutter

GMT -8
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