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Old 06-29-2017
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Update news, 29/6/2017

Well, the most important bit of news we can give right now is this: We’re not dead.

Work is continuing on getting Sundren up and running again, we’ve changed plans on how we’ll deliver the time-jump server update.

We’ll no longer be waiting for everything to be done before wiping the existing vault and pushing all the changes in one huge chunk.

Instead the new plan is to push releases and updates as they’re ready. This will start with wiping the vault and updating the factions to represent the cities. Hopefully we’ll also be able to adjust the softcap and make some minor adjustments to a few maps.

When will we be able to play?
The server is currently playable but the looming wipe makes that a seemingly redundant option.
We’re currently working through the most critical changes to the faction/npc/encounter systems to ensure once the wipe happens things are playable. I’m aiming to have all of these changes completed for the weekend of the 8/9th July for the wipe and update to take place either on that weekend or the weekend after (Team availability depending).

When will further updates follow?
As and when they’re ready. The priority is to get the server into a place where people can play again. Cosmetic changes and zone updates will follow as and when they’re done.

What are your goals?
Short term the goal is simply to get the server into an playable state, free people from the existential dread of a character wipe and set the ground for people having fun creating great stories.

Longer term the factions will need fleshing out, cities made more distinctive and more quests and dungeons added. But for now the focus is on functionality.

Can I help?
In short, yes.

If you have skills that’ll be useful to the server then we can make use of you. There are many changes needed and the current team is small, so if you can script, map, model, write, draw or just have a great imagination then we’ll probably be able to put you to good use.

Can I wishlist?
Sure, go for it.
If you can implement what you’re wishlisting then so much the better.

Anything else?
If you’ve got questions then post them here, PM me or hop onto Discord where you’ll find there’s already a large group of players hanging about with the staff and up to date information. I’ll keep this thread updated as I hit any noteworthy goals.
It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little - Do what you can.
Sydney Smith.
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