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Old 06-17-2017
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Originally Posted by Calculus View Post
I am pretty sure multiple builds of the mod were kept in storage for such things. If the old builds weren't kept for future use then that would be bad programming practices. Always keep backups of alphas and betas of legacy mods. Prequel could be set at the point of the legacy ones. Other than that the project should go open source. A collaboration of the community can do great things, if not a new development team to keep things fresh. As Torgar said in another thread it has been nearly a year of no promises kept. Let the reins be given to the community then to continue the project.
Wait, what?

The changes required to implement a large step back in time have nothing to do with keeping or storing old builds at all (and yes, on account of not being idiots we have a decent Versioning system). Reverting all the areas back to how they were at the start would A: Make things uglier and B: Move the server back to its initial date, not prequel land. It'd be like an 'Also Starring' thing where your characters get up to stuff while the history that already happened with other players happens along side. Like that episode DS9 episode with the tribbles, but terrible and forever.

Development wise moving time forward is in many ways easier - Areas mostly develop, get busier and expand. You're taking an area and moving it forward based on how it's grown from its current state (or giving it a large overhaul and saying it was always like that).

Going backwards is more difficult, especially if you go back to a point in Sundrens timeline that's actually worth exploring. Once you hit the 'I remember when all this was just fields' stage you're better off binning the area and redesigning from scratch using the existing as inspiration only. Go back a few hundred years and it's all 'Sestra? Didn't exist, bin. Aquor? Just a pretty lake, burn the zones. Mossdale? Undiscovered, on the bonfire. Black Hand and Triumvirate? Haven't arrived, delete. Avanthyr? Building site, bury the current maps. Mirakus? Two prospectors and a donkey, destroy. Sundren City? No longer a bustling built up brick metropolis but angry desperate frontier town. In the fire.'

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a prequel exploring the brutal and bloody birth of the nation and exploration of a new and hostile land. Back when we were discussing what to do with the wipe I was pushing hard for it to be a prequel. Luckily people slapped some sense into me and we went forward rather than back. Just the work for the move forward turned out to be a huuuuge amount of work, but that pales in comparison to what would be required to shift the clock backwards!

Anyway, yeah. Prequel workload has fuck all to do with how we handle the server versions.

Other than that... I don't know where to start apart from to reiterate that we hoped, rather than promised, to get things done in a timely matter. I was going to be all sarcastic here but I won't. Don't bang on about it, life happens. Please don't be a dick about it.

Open Source, explained that before (and I'm not convinced 'Open Source' is the right licensing model to try and apply to a project like Sundren). But I'll agree that we'll Open Source Sundren just as soon as the NWN2 engine is open sourced.
It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little - Do what you can.
Sydney Smith.
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