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Old 05-24-2016
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Well I love per-a-death and like the 1 or 2 get-out of jail items for when the cat jump on the KB.

I yet found a non-DnD setting that interest me.

I really like the idea of no or very-very little magic.
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Old 07-08-2016
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Been slowly-slowly nibbling at ideas.

Following came out of a pre-historic setting (somewhere between the last glacial period and the early Bronze Age) with later stuff mixed in for giggles. But a lot of it could apply to pretty much any setting.

I looked at my inventory in an old PoE game, then just shook my head and sighed.

The two main inventory areas are:

Belt: your go to area for hanging shit on.
Items on the belt are accessible during combat
Belts have different weight / attachment limits and can offer other bonuses.
Belt attachments allow extra small/medium item storage (medium pouches), unforged currency weight (cash pouch), weapons (axe loops, sword, dagger), usables (bottle holders, dust pinchers) and skill/feat related items (warpaint, runes, totems etc).

Bags and packages: Like, sacks of stuff.
Bagged items cannot be accessed during combat (well, you can but it really isn’t sensible)
Bags can be dropped during combat, but may be picked up by anyone.
Limit to total number of large / medium items a character can carry.
2 or more weapons can be bundled together into a medium sized group.
Armour for example you’d probably be limited to two or three sets - the one you’re wearing and ones you carry.

Encumbrance and Combat.
Big sacks of stuff are heavy and make for terrible maneuverability. Thus, as soon as combat starts you’ll get a big button you can press to automatically drop any carried bags and packages. They’ll drop where you stand and after combat (or during) you can pick them back up again along with anything left by your foes.

Encumbrance interferes with your speed and your ability to attack and defend (against certain attacks anyway, it can help against some animal and radius attacks).

Running away from a stronger opponent becomes a valid option, sure you can loose stuff by running but you’d likely lose more if you lost the fight (they’d get to loot you too, not just your bags), plus if they pick up your stuff they’ll be slowed down, meaning you can get away. Or you can circle back and shoot them in the head with arrows from a distance while they’re lumbering about with all your shit.

This isn’t just for PCs, depending on the NPC type and Motivation they could also be after your stuff, rather than after you. This includes animal NPCs, a hunting PC returning with a fresh kill who encounters some hungry animals could just dump the kill and run off leaving the lions or whatever to eat. Again, Motivation dependant, if they’re triggered on defending nest/young then food won’t help, just running away might.

Items of renown
Items of Renown are a selection of very powerful, unique items (largely weapons and armour, though others exist) each with their own history and stories.

Having an Item of Renown will give the character extra prestige and will substantially aid them in combat.

However, having such treasures are not without drawbacks.

Items of Renown are a blessing and a curse - They’re a blessing because they look unique and have very high bonuses. They’re a curse because inevitably a lot of other people will want them. Some people might offer to buy them, others might just pry them out of your hands while you bleed out.

Items are limited in number and once introduced they remain in play:
  • If killed by a monster the item is removed from the player automatically and added to the area loot pool on cleanup (can be collected by another character in the area prior to cleanup via looting).
  • Unable to be tagged ‘safe’ (IE: is always lootable on death / subdual)
  • If character killed / subdued by another character, item is always lootable.
  • Items cannot be banked / stashed.
  • Item is always visible in Character Description window.
  • If a character doesn’t log in for more than 2 weeks, the item is removed and added to a random area loot pool.
  • Characters with sufficient lore-type skill will be able to locate (roughly; tribe, maybe local area) items currently in play.

Some factions will pay mucho cash money for certain items, the High Kingdom for example will pay handsomely for any Elf Bane weapons (but why would you want to help out the pointy eared, baby stealing asshats?) Selling them off to factions is pretty much the only way of permanently removing them from play (maybe add another 'destroy item' option or ability to break them down for parts - though this would come with some social impact).

Was more thinking Europe ~0-1000AD here, though could also apply to earlier ages.

Banks don’t really exist, so you can either dig a hole somewhere and hope noone finds your stash (yes, keeping your stuff in a hole is an option) or you can have it forged into jewelry (it keeps its original value minus any manufacturing costs plus it’s much easier to sport jewelry than it is to carry cash) for social skills bonuses and for looking good (hey, nice torc).

You can break your jewelry/adornment up to use it as cash.

Coin and jewels have weight, so does jewelry. Though worn jewelry has a negligible bulk.

Magic Stuff
Mostly prepared way before a battle, magic consists of being able to bless weapons, people, armour and areas with a variety of prayer, paint and totems. Or by invoking the ancestors or spirits of a place. Be warned, some tribes hate that shit and will KOS known necromancers (IE: every magic user, because they deserve it).

Being a good magic user (be it natural, explosive or spiritual) will require a lot of separate skills to be developed or a larger network of specialists to prepare parts for you.

Most Magic Users will be support characters who have limited combat focus, the payoff is that they’ll be able to keep a group alive for a lot longer and can provide invaluable powers against thing from the Wrong or other tribes.

Warding Stones, 2 or more specially marked stones that can be thrown in combat, creating a barrier that slows everything passing through it. At higher skill levels they can be marked to burn or even destroy specific creature types. The more you’ve got of a matching type, the better the effect.

Other paints or magic uses would be Body Paint, Weapon Paint, Shield/Armour Paint, Runes, Totems. They might offer bonus damage, bonus defensive stats, more strength etc. While you might be able to have a few of one type others might me more unique (bodypaint for example, a full body single style will offer a single powerful bonus while lesser body paints over smaller areas might give more diverse lesser boosts).

World Events
The world needs to toddle along without the input of players, they are a part, but not the sum of, the economy and setting. Hunting groups will get sent out, monsters will be fought, people will bicker and do stuff.

The various world groups have seperate needs, wants and desires. Your place within the society you’ve selected will be in a part down to what you do in the world but largely down to how you deal with what your group wants. For instance if you align with a hunter-gathering group but spend most of your time across the world map stabbing monsters then your group is unlikely to be swayed by your motives. If you’re part of a raiding society but spend most of your life developing agriculture then again, you’re likely to be not considered useful.

The more useful you are to your group the more respect, quests and cool shiny stuff you’re likely to get. If you’re a lone wolf, expect to be lonely.
It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little - Do what you can.
Sydney Smith.
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