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Old 07-05-2009
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A dark cloud forms...

The early hours of the evening, and the sun was just about to make its bed, when all of Sundren felt the rumble... Darkness fell unnaturally fast, and a column of the blackest black appeared, obscuring a corner of the valley from view... the necropolis is hidden within a great darkness that not even the eyes of dragons could pierce.

Rumours spread of a battle fought at the gates of the dead's fortress, and tales of survivors crawling away with their lives from the carnage. Masses of the dead swarmed from the gates of the cemetary, some wielding great blades, others throwing spells as proficiently as any living mage or priest.

Something stirs in the halls of the Necropolis, and the entire area seems impossible to penetrate. The necropolis has been sealed from within, and no-one can speculate just what may be going on inside...
Lorlen Locke: "Amazing how the righteous commit acts of tyranny and terror almost as beautiful as our own under their banner of "good". We merely call a spade a spade."

"If you can't learn to do something well, learn to enjoy doing it poorly."
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