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Old 12-26-2014
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Dark Deed in Sharahan Hills

She had not planned on her evening taking such a turn. But the arrogant way the man flashed his smile and equally that cursed holy symbol just set her on edge. The drink was used to mute the voice but his just continued constantly, droning for the most part but every so often the clarity was frightening as if it was right behind her left ear... Or was it the right?

It was not like she meant to tell him a story but again her fires were stoked with the 'I'll save you little girl' mentality that he just oozed from his pores. That same attitude from others had landed her in such a mess in the first place in this land. So the words tumbled out smoothly and with just the right tone of fear mixed with disappointment. It was all it took for him to rush off to save 'her', just like all of them...

She found him hovering, looking for clues. He was so far away from everyone besides her. There would be no help coming. The voice was needful now but it was a distant second to her own anger, her own desire, her own hatred. But there were rules to be followed. She was sure that following rules made her stand above those crazy zealots or some horrible murderer. It was a fairly simple thing to ask him the question. "Do you want to see it?" She knew what his answer would be and his reaction to the revelation. Protecting the weak female was never a doubted maneuver in her mind. Neither was the outcome of her knife blade as it drove up under his ribs and into his right lung as he stepped in front of her, shielding her from perceived danger. She did not even bother holding him up but did manage to promise to sell his prized sword for gold before finishing him off as he laid wheezing on the ground. Picking up that damned symbol was a different story but his own sword helped lift and drop it into a small bag.

She had not planned on running into anyone else on her way back but a pair, man and woman arrived and forced her to improvise slightly. Luckily for them they were noisy as the came into the clearing giving her ample time to lift the body on her shoulder with a soft groan. It was easy enough to tell the tale of a gruesome attack where he saved her life. It sounded so true and the pair had other reasons to be out there anyways. She passed by them with little trouble other than a well wish for being such a great friend to help the man out. The smile that graced the woman's face was genuine and warm at the nice compliment. She was glad the pair had not arrived just a tad bit earlier even as she moved deeper into the gloomy night. Three bodies might have been hard to move.

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