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Old 04-01-2016
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4/1/16 Server Status Report

Hey, all,

Figured it was time for a status report on where we are with the relaunch.

*Crafting is 50% complete; still remaining are loot table / resource node updates
*New faction stores are in place; old still to be removed
*NPCs are in the process of being renamed/replaced to reflect the time shift
*Class updates are ongoing, ~50% complete

Race/class power and restrictions will be retained in their current state, save the following:
*Wizard slightly scaled back due to power concerns due to softcap of 15, will now progress as 3/4 casters, now receive d6 hit die
*Vampire now a choosable race at character creation, but with no safety net for avoiding daylight hours through headquarters, etc.; play carefully!
*More tweaking needed for fighter, buffs in the hopper
*New RP feat "Beauteous Jubilation" required for Heartwarder, to be acquired through private quest with DM; PC must satisfy certain criteria for BJ to be awarded class
*Paladin class now completely locked out save for Lotus; paladin applicants will need to correspond with Lotus through video chat for consideration

Other updates:
*Dain Tornbrook now a choosable deity at character creation
*Updates to Second Wind Inn: statue of woman replaced with statue of Dain Tornbrook
*Tyr's Fork ruined statue replaced with statue of Dain Tornbrook
*Drunken Dragon Xaayne memorabilia swapped with Dain memorabilia
*Crossroads campfire replaced with statue of Dain Tornbrook
*Argyle Keep updated, renamed "Dainsney World"
*Necropolis updated, renamed "Dainsney Land"
*Sundren Legion Chapterhouse updated, lore plaques replaced with text about Dain Tornbrook's exploits
*Peridan Durothil resurrected and in-game, reimagined as a surly pirate who makes dog puns

Finally, please welcome our new project lead, Brendig!

Last edited by Lotus; 04-01-2016 at 02:11 PM.
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