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Old 03-17-2015
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Rise of the Red Dragon

The news spreads like wildfire: Lady Felicia Pendraig, the Red Dragon of Hiyal, has returned to Aquor. Her army of Zakhara’s fiercest warriors – having departed from Avanthyr’s outskirts – now seize control of the northern town, ousting Thayan, Legion and Black Hand forces alike in the process.

The reaction to Felicia’s return is decidedly mixed. The common folk are overjoyed at the return of a beloved daughter of House Pendraig and are reassured by the appointment of River Swift - their elected representative - as Mayor and Seneschal of the House. Meanwhile, the Thayans are furious at having their control of the town supplanted. Legion supporters in the town as well as Sundren City are similarly outraged that a military force comprised entirely of foreigners would dare to occupy what is still-believed by many to be Legion territory.

In the days that follow, various merchants’ guilds dispatch representatives and envoys to Aquor, ostensibly to pay their respects to the return of a major noble house. Houses Meriadoc, Aurelianus, and Veritas send diplomats, followed closely by House Melcant, Val’Tess and Zenten. Their motives are clear; to assess the situation and see how best to turn Felicia’s rise to their own advantage.

A gypsy fortuneteller quietly reflects on the prophecy spoken from her mouth: A red dragon shall rise from the south...
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Old 04-02-2015
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Border Skirmishes

The varied merchants and noble representatives are abuzz with gossip and fresh news from Aquor. The short weeks since Felicia's return to power have been a maelstrom of activity, with couriers wearing themselves ragged to-and-from every settlement, noble and military envoys requesting audience with house Pendraig and a massive reorganizing of the mountain town's resources keeping everyone thoroughly overworked.

As the destitute former manor of the noble house is made into a part barracks, part smithy, part stronghold for Felicia's forces, several more patrols of the dark-skinned warriors has set out in an obvious attempt to oust the Aurilite tribes from the nearest stretch of territory. Skirmishes on the mountainside have been brief but bloody, the occasional inclusion of djinn magic on one end and shamanic favor on the other making simple militant struggles especially devastating.

Felicia herself has remained largely enclosed in her gradually rebuilt home, offering only brief appearances to attend prayer at the temple of Sune. In the singular speech she's afforded since her politically upsetting return, she stated in clear terms:

"The prosperity of Aquor is uniquely dependent on the resolution of the Aurilite parasite that infests our mountain home. In the absence of these barbarian tribes, trade and good fortune is assured to every citizen. Thus it is my priority to oversee their complete removal from the premises."

The worship of Auril has since been banned entirely within the borders of the town, sermons dedicated to Kossuth, Sune and Siamorphe becoming decidedly more pronounced in it's absence.
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