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Suggestions We would love to hear what you think would make Sundren a better place. Please posts your suggestions here.

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Old 12-20-2013
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Multifunction Gate

First, I quoth recent silliness between Thaelis and myself:
Originally Posted by thaelis View Post
Kit, now all we need is Teleportation Circle and we can rule the Galaxy together
Originally Posted by Kitsunestume View Post
What? like [Summon World Transition]?
Originally Posted by thaelis View Post
Why, that is a fantastic idea! Though it should be shaped very portal-like, possibly large and glowing golden colour, and provide access to any area in the game
Originally Posted by Kitsunestume View Post
Verily, verily. I see where you are leading with this, though perhaps one could form it of a more pleasing dimensional blue with a convenient illusionary map for aiding in determination of endpoint locations. Clearly this will take many hours of consideration and research.

On an actually more on topic query: As the Dimension Door was shifted from a single-function to a multifunction spell, is it likely that we shall be seeing more multiple-option magics? I seem to recall in the past that such inquiries were considered difficult due to engine limitations.
Secondly, I present knowledgeable evidence for my case:
Originally Posted by Gate;d20SRD
Casting a Gate spell has two effects. First, it creates an interdimensional connection between your plane of existence and a plane you specify, allowing travel between those two planes in either direction.

Second, you may then call a particular individual or kind of being through the gate.

The gate itself is a circular hoop or disk from 5 to 20 feet in diameter (caster’s choice), oriented in the direction you desire when it comes into existence (typically vertical and facing you). It is a two-dimensional window looking into the plane you specified when casting the spell, and anyone or anything that moves through is shunted instantly to the other side.

A gate has a front and a back. Creatures moving through the gate from the front are transported to the other plane; creatures moving through it from the back are not.
Planar Travel

As a mode of planar travel, a gate spell functions much like a plane shift spell, except that the gate opens precisely at the point you desire (a creation effect). Deities and other beings who rule a planar realm can prevent a gate from opening in their presence or personal demesnes if they so desire. Travelers need not join hands with you—anyone who chooses to step through the portal is transported. A gate cannot be opened to another point on the same plane; the spell works only for interplanar travel.

You may hold the gate open only for a brief time (no more than 1 round per caster level), and you must concentrate on doing so, or else the interplanar connection is severed.
Lastly, I present my suggestion:

Currently, Gate only works to summon creatures from other planes. Per P&P, that is actually a secondary purpose. I would hereby like to suggest that Gate have a second option, wherein the object 'summoned' is instead a World Transition, for 1 round/level, as described above. Extra-planar travel is obviously out of balance without a supervisory DM, but it could be a reasonable means to implement functions such as Teleport, Greater Teleport, Teleportation Circle, and other such potent conjuration spells without addition of another, while maintaining a highly contested position in a spellcaster's arsenal. As Gate is not limited to Arcane nor Divine, neither magic-user would hold a significant advantage over the other, but require dedicated progression in a single field.

Some concerns I have noted that may be associated with this suggestion are as follows:
Mystic-Thurges have both arcane and divine capacity, however this would be mitigated by the fact that it requires precise character-builds to obtain 9th level spells, and thus would be almost impossible to posses on multiple spell-lists simultaneously, barring extreme epic levels.
Teleportation of out conjuration-restricted zones: The summoning of the transition could allow for escape from restricted areas and should likely check the local teleportation-boolean to determine pass/fail of the spell.
Spell Costs: Per P&P, casting Gate with the intent to move oneself and companions costs nothing. At the same time, I have little doubt that the added flexibility of the spell would be worth the five-hundred gold to most individuals.
Consistent Endpoints: Ideally, the transition would offer the caster some form of menu (such as the transition map) from which to select destination, after which the location is locked and only leads to the chosen point. Barring very odd magical fluctuations, it aught to be possible for a member of the group, or a stalking character to follow the group, to reliably transport through such a Gate rather than be tossed across the aether to land somewhere randomly.
Dual Endpoints: Similarly, there would ideally be a means to backtrack through the gate; Gate is dual-way, meaning that your convenience may well be a security breach, and thus require further consideration than blinking around on a lark. The Hands are unlikely to let anyone leave the City by such means in the event that something nasty is waiting at the endpoint. Similarly, it would offer interesting tactical options to have requested said nasty thing or person at the other end, who may reinforce quickly and reliably to your location.

I do not forsee such changes happening quickly nor easily, but feel that it is a matter for reasonable discussion and would hear your views.
Please Consider and comment.

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Old 12-20-2013
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I would have to say that from a policy standpoint, this is a terrible idea. Allowing players to teleport around the valley would make PvP conflicts an absolute nightmare for everyone, as numbers would mean everything in a conflict of level 20's.

Furthermore, it's not particularly needed as much as it would be if there were actual roads connecting the various towns and cities. We already have a world map that allows you to travel to civilized areas without too much (if any) fuss. Why would we do that for unconnected areas too?
"Use the Force, Harry" -Gandalf
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