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I'm going to have to vote, just right. Though I personally see it as 'just about right.'

I like the idea of gaining XP through crafting and gathering resources for crafting. +1 on that if it hasn't been implemented already.

Killing mobs I feel should be a tad lower if not a fair amount lower, for say the blues and some of the greens and especially for some of the first bosses. Partying up should elevate that -some- though, and a way to give even more incentive to do so. I do like the +30% XP from having +3 players in a party.

RP during quests and events with a DM, I'm sure make a fairly good amount of XP. Of course though, up to the DM to deem who would be worthy for a healthy amount more so than a fair share. (Healthy = +10-20% more than the fair share, IMO)

The XP ticker while in game should be reasonably lower as a player progresses his or her's toon through the levels.

-Levels 3-6: 75 XP as it is now.

-Levels 7-10: Say 70-60 XP.

-Levels 11-14: 60-50 XP.

-Levels 15-19: 55-50 XP.

-Levels 19-20: Say about 45-40 XP.

OR: Could flip it in a similar fashion and that could work as well. Seeing as there's much more XP needed in the higher levels. Up to the DM Team.

I feel like also, if approved and liked, whether RP'ing through a DM quest/event, through a Character Request, or just from RP'ing epically during the non-epic levels: a PC can be granted an Epic RP Token to be used in order to level up to 21. Then again say, at either 25 and/or 30 and from 31-40, they could also need an Epic Token for each level while being -that- epic.

Conclusion: I feel like some things could use some tweaking and XP from RP should be the main source for leveling, but not to an extreme where going out and killing mobs/dungeon crawling garners nothing in comparison. I do understand finding the right amount of balance would be easier said than done.

Just my two cents
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