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NWN - A whole lot of them, Dungeon Eternal X (PvP server), Lala-land (supposed rp, more social) where I played the longest and "Escape from the Underdark". I disliked Dungeon Eternal X for lack of pretty much everything, and lala-land was a great social server (not RP), with an exceptionally bad DM squad. So I liked Escape from the Underdark for its dedicated DM's, and the whole world was a charm, best play ever yet.

NWN2 - I've tried midgard saga, Shores of Haldun, Forgotten Realms and many others, but the two former never really stuck with me, and forgotten realms lacked story. So I've turned to Sundren, where I'll hopefully stay

Anyway, the NWN line of games is actually the only mulitplayer games I've ever played.
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