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Jimmy's Fight Night Redux!

A notice goes up around Sundren City and outlying towns, even to the Port.


"Good evening, my friends. Jimmy's Dice Den is proud to present to you completely legal and authentic Cage Fighting Matches once again, this next Saturday the 1st (4 P.M. EST) located outside the Murin Stouthammer Brewery! Contestants can sign up by sending a notice to Tyrsis at the Menacing Mariner. Spectators and contestants all welcome!

My friends, in these dark times what better way to take your mind from vampires and ne'er-do-wells than an exciting bloodsport? What better place for you to fight your friends and your bitter rivals? Fight for the honor and respect of your peers! Fight for the glory of the crowd! And, of course, the satisfaction of kicking the tail of your foes!

The rules are simple: No magic. This is to be a contest of strength and skill, not magic and manipulations. No magical artifacts of any kind will be allowed, including magical arms, armor, shields, cloaks, boots, jewelry, potions, or any other enchanted accessory. Mages and priests may not attend unless they plan to make no use of magic whatsoever.

All contestants may only bring the following:
One suit of mundane non-magical armor.
One mundane non-magical shield.
and Three mundane non-magical weapons.

All skills, abilities, and maneuvers are acceptable, so long as they do not use spells. This includes tripping, disarming, punching, kicking, wrestling, hair-pulling, spitting in the eyes, or any other vicious but effective fighting style in a three round fight! The best of three wins the bout!

The cage match does not condone duels to the death, unless specific exception is made by the proper authorities. We will not play host to your blood feuds.

HOWEVER! We will entertain exhibition matches between competitors who wish for a grudge match! A bet will be asked from both fighters, and the conditions of the fight can be set by the two for the cash! Want to go bareknuckle with 10,000 stags as the bet? Going in with knives only? Want to alter the rules by using magical weaponry? Go for it, as long as you both agree to fight! If you have a grudge match to schedule, please note so in your message.

NOTE: These matches are not the same as the regular tournament, as it is possible to allow magical items between the two contestants. However, the ban on actual spellcasting still holds.

Spectator price of admission is ten stags. Contestants get in for free so long as they fight that night, and earn free drinks (Provided by the Incredible and Amazing Brewmancer Murin Stouthammer!) for winning as well as other possible prizes, including coin!

For the night, matches will be drawn as evenly as possible on the spot, with matches being placed in tiers and schedules in the following tenday. Prospective contestants are expected to sign up with Jimmy by sending a message or by posting below! The sooner the better!

Hope to see you there!"

((If you send a message, PM me with your name and level of your PC to be placed in a tier! Otherwise, you'll be placed the day of the competition.))
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