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(( This is a recount of an in-game conversation. It is not word-for-word, but likely caused some rumors among those who witnessed it, PC and NPC. ))

Acolyte Qybox erupted, his normally even disposition discarded. He ranted to a group of adventurers in Viradale:

"Master Cadmus indeed asked me to, ahem, review this cure. I was unable to full examine the contents, with apologies, but I gave my opinion and recommendation: it appeared to be of a curative nature, and, ahem, it should be tested on an animal.

I left Master Cadmus to discuss some private matters with another dwarf. And now I come to find the master sought advice and counsel on this matter in triplicate. These 'experts' in the city have, ahem, told you nothing more than I did. And they offer the same advice: to test upon an animal. Mayhaps you should ask the town baker for advice--he could put the cure in cupcakes for the citizens!

Yet I find that your test is lacking. Did you examine the animal thoroughly after the, ahem, cure was administered? Who among you is an expert?

This test was a waste, with apologies. And still you waste time, checking now with the druids. I must protest. I find this cure to be less and less about the, ahem, health of the citizens and more about pride and politics. If Master Cadmus wishes to associate his church with the city's salvation, perhaps he should just label the vial appropriately. 'Property of the Church of Helm--Donations Accepted Nightly,' should do nicely... with apologies..."

He quiets down, having caused quite a stir among those who were witness. His tone was insulted and arrogant, but he knew there was more to this than just "doing the right thing." The church had no place in this matter. This vial should be inspected by experts in a speedy manner. But each of those present wanted to be sure their precious name was attached to the distribution.

"Pride and politics," muttered Qybox over and over as he waddled away from the fuming do-gooders.

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