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My point by point comments. I apologize in advance if I'm blunt at any point, I'm just giving my honest opinion:

1. We're moving the level cap back. Current projection is a soft 15 (monsters, RP XP) and a hard 20 (advancement quests, DM XP). Rather than delevel existing PCs, it's much easier to start with new. I feel this is fine. I'm old enough to remember when there was a hard cap at 15, and there were no issues. I will say, I'd like for 20 to be obtainable for non-power builds. Before/currently, 23 is tempting but basically unobtainable without being able to consistently grind the high level repeatable quest. There's DM exp, but I never once got enough exp from a DM to realistically reach higher than 21.

2. We're untangling snarled story threads. Moving the timeline and clearing out old PCs lets us start fresh and gives more PCs an opportunity to get involved in what's going on. Yeah, it's probably about time for this. I would hope/presume this means no re-creating old characters. I'd like to see a truly fresh start.

3. We're redoing item balance. A new cap means new item standards, and this will get rid of all of the old items we don't want running around anymore. Please remember to remove all the junk items from the loot tables. Those chain gloves.

1. Finished crafting. All recipes will be functional, all materials will be accessible through drops, nodes, and stores. Crafting will be a reliable way to keep your character competitively equipped. Nothing needs to be said, except that I hope this finally includes skills such as cooking. Really looking forward to this.

2. Class improvements. Look for further boosts to Rogues, Barbarians, and a host of prestige classes. I'll personally be keeping an eye on MoMF. It's one of the few PrCs unique to Sundren and I really, really enjoy the RP chances it gives, but it suffers in combat, especially if you lower the level cap.

3. Faction reorganization. Factions will be based around the four major cities (Sundren City, Port Avanthyr, Aquor, Sestra). Again biased by previous characters I've made, but I'm hoping druids and rangers still have a faction and ideally a store.

4. Competitive faction control points. We're developing a system that will allow factions to dynamically compete for control of certain areas. Capturing these areas will be a means to increase faction reputation and will provide access to special stores, crafting resource nodes, and even dungeons. I'm mostly hoping this doesn't create excessive PvP, but I consider this a really delicate change, because players shouldn't be discouraged from joining underplayed factions or feel forced to join a particular faction for the opposite reason.

5. Deeper dungeons. You thought killing the Goblin Chief was the end of it? Think again. Nothing needs to be said here, more content is always praise-worthy.
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