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Courting the Fall

Lucretia Lachlam was late.

It wasn't typical of her. She was usually punctual, inordinately organized and always prepared. That's what made this day so atypical. Not only had she overslept, she had somehow lost her notes on the Zakharans.

Corvin of Helm was not known as an overly harsh taskmaster, depending on one's perspective; Lucretia found that Helmites rarely could be described as easy-going and relaxed. Still, Corvin seemed a fair sort for the most part, and she wanted to make a good impression. Aidous Rayne had temporarily assigned her to act as retainer while the Helmite's own aide had been incapacitated by fever. Lucretia was eager to prove her worth.

She arrived at the Avanthyr Temple of Helm. A young woman stood in the foyer. Curiously, no other Watchful guards were present. That was unusual ...

Before she could give it much thought, the woman turned to address Lucretia. She was a startling beauty - a sun-elf, unusually tall, golden-skinned with raven-black hair falling to cover half of her face. Looking closely, it seemed her right cheek was covered in tiny scars. Lucretia wondered for a moment what could possibly have done that ... and why anybody would want to marr what appeared to be elven beauty at its apex.

"I wish to see Master Corvin of Helm," the elven woman stated simply.

Lucretia blinked once. "I'm afraid Master Corvin is occupied this day. The earliest I can arrange an audience would be two days hence, Miss ... "

"Oh, I'm positive he'll want to meet with me, love." And with that, the elven woman blew Lucretia a kiss.

She felt a wave of - something - swallow her whole, but it was not frightening or uncomfortable. No, it felt more like she had been whisked away into a cloud, floating without a care, without worry or apprehension. She knew this elf was a friend. How could she have forgotten?

"Dearest of friends, you'll take me to Corvin, won't you? I have a very important message that can only be entrusted to him."

Lucretia smiled. "Of course I will. Right this way."

They traveled down a long hall together, heading purposefully to Corvin's office. Lucretia watched as the elven woman blew similar kisses towards the guards stationed at the Helmite's door, watched as they dutifully dismissed themselves.

"Just let me announce you, friend," said Lucretia. "Who shall I say is calling?"

" ... Edaphriel, love. Tell Corvin Edaphriel's come to seek an audience."
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