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A level 10 rogue with only 33 hp was made wrong. Means a 10 con, which is pretty much purposefully making a low HP character weaker on purpose. With an average con of 14 with gear, he'd have (33+2/lvl[20]=53) HP, which is enough to survive almost any fireball thrown at him on the low chance he fails that save. I actually don't see the downside to someone being unable to murder large mobs with low level magic. To be honest, most of the monsters on the server we all fight average around 140-200 hp per mob at the level 20 area, excluding anything in IWD content. Which, as anyone who has played level 15+ DND will tell you, is not super high HP. A caster specializing in artillery magic shouldn't be able to one shot the field with one spell. What he DOES is score a huge chunk off the enemy to start before they close the gap, thus massively shortening the fight and still overall doing more damage in the fight then the fighter does, since he's cleaning up what the caster left. There is a reason almost every spell does either 1d4/lvl or 1d6/lvl of damage, and it's specifically so that monsters and players are likely to SURVIVE being hit by one at full HP.

All I am saying is that the damaging magic is fine where it is. Creature HP isn't really that far outside of our capability for them to contribute a LOT to the fight. Enchanters and illusionists are save for nothing, so are necromancers too for the most part. Transmuters too. Basically every other school of magic is save for nothing, or save for a minimal effect. No other school of magic goes "My spell is save for half, which can still be a solid number of damage points" or even "You get no save, you take damage period." Only evokers and the conjurers, the two schools specializing in damage numbers, do this. They are doing just fine with damage.

As for the level 20 fighter being safe from a PW after two IGMS's....good. If a fighter can not soak, with gear and not even that great a CON score, an average of 150 damage and still have over 100 hp left, then he's a paper-mache of a fighter. And I mean that in PNP DND, not just on the server. Most fighters should be around upper 260's or near 300 hp as a PNP character with gear, since PNP gear is FAR superior to NWN2 gear.

But, don't fret, because with the LVL cap going back to a soft 15, power word spells will still be useful against them after a good solid nuke to the face. But I don't think spells need to be reworked so that artillery mage's can solo the content with one spell per group. Our content should encourage grouping to survive it, and I believe it does so with the HD being maximized for mobs and players.
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