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Dead on First Login Issue Tools
issueid=1968 03-19-2018 01:53 AM
Dead on First Login
Logged in post-update Sundren for the first time. Dead.

I logged in Sundren for the very first time since the server wipe and updating stuff. For obvious reasons I made a new character for the occasion.

However, most surprisingly, I transitioned from BASE straight to the fugue:

And apparently my corpse is in the Pioneer's Way.

The only reasonable explanation I can find is that another character with the same name may have died there a while ago and when I came rolling along the game attributed the corpse to my recently created character. Raven isn't exactly a unique name, after all.

Also as of the time of this writing I've been chatting with the Reaper occasionally and he hasn't given me the green light to resurrect yet.

EDIT: Logged off about twenty minutes from this post. The Reaper still hasn't permitted my character to leave yet.
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Project Bugs
Category Misc
Status New
Priority 5 - Medium
Affected Version Unknown
Fixed Version (none)
Users able to reproduce bug 0
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