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Weasely Feat Thief Issue Tools
issueid=1955 05-24-2015 06:54 PM
Weasely Feat Thief
Unsummoning Weasel Familier removes Lightning Reflexes

It appears that my familiar likes to steal more than purses. On Samantha Kelseren, I first noticed that she didn't appear to gain Lightning Reflexes after leveling. I remade her, since she was a low level, and repeated the process, and the feat disappeared again. I posted a charachter request, and continues to plonk around as Sam, and noticed that with my familiar summoned, I received a "Familier Reflex Bonus" (or similar) feat under class feats that went away when Slinx the weasel was unsummoned.

When DM Encounter Fate had time to assist me, I received the feat, and on a hunch summoned and unsummoned my familiar while he was watching. as I had suspected, both lightning reflexes and the familier reflex feat disappeared. He gave me back the feat and we tested again for confirmation.

It is my suspicion that one of two cases is occurring:
  • either the familier reflex feat uses the same StrReff as Lightning Reflexes (both are a +2 feat bonus to reflex saves)
  • or the familier unsummoning code removes both as individual references (perhaps because Weasel used to grant Lightning Reflexes or similar, IDK)
  • Another cause might be possible, but these seem the most likley to start with.
Unfortunately for the character in question, not having lightning reflexes is somewhat problematic with taking Mage-Killer. my current workaround is simply never to use my familiar.
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