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Helmite faction Quest issues Issue Tools
issueid=1954 05-13-2015 09:56 PM
Helmite faction Quest issues
Cannot join the Faction as a priest of Helm

The "joining quest" for the Church of Helm is missing the portion at the farms near Exigo Trading Post. There are no gang members there to confront. Therefore: Those wishing to join the faction cannot complete the quest to do so. Please assist. My priest of Helm cannot join the Church of Helm till this is resolved. Thanks.
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Project Bugs
Category Quest
Status New
Priority 7
Affected Version Unknown
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05-19-2015 11:53 AM
Please not also- Once a p.c. has spoken to "Dade Linknus" to receive the Faction joining quest, said p.c. may not speak to him again till the quest has been completed. The Helmite character- even if placed in the faction by DM intervention- has no access to his factions gear. The character is only allowed to purchase items from the public armory. Please repair the Helmite joining quest by placing the npc gang member enemies near Exigo trading post to be dispatched by the perspective new member of the church of Helm. This will resolve the issue, I think. As it stands, the quest cannot be completed. The new Helm faction characters cannot buy private Faction gear. The quest leads to no where and is impossible to complete, nor does npc Dade Linknus' text reset upon server restart every day. The situation is a dead end. I have verified this to be true. Please help, Thank you.
05-19-2015 01:30 PM
I cant speak for this imparticular, but as I understand it most faction join quest are broken ( or at least I think they are). however if you go to the library in the city you should find an NPC there that will let you join almost any faction.
05-19-2015 03:31 PM
Thanks for that info. I guess the (Dade Linknus) text to give the quest should be disabled then, so this doesn't happen to others also. It is rough not being able to purchase faction gear. I also do not know a way to over come this without help. In the case of a Helmite, you are supposed to wear the uniform. Mine is basically restricted to text description for now. Note: F.E. helped me to become part of the faction- this did not solve the gear problem, or the effect of the broken quest and it's text.
05-19-2015 05:52 PM
where have you been looking for the faction gear? im pretty sure you can get it at the helmite spot in the city. if your looking in the port you might be in the wrong spot.
05-19-2015 06:05 PM
I thought there were two separate helmite factions. the old one wasnt the updated faction store they just did a few patchs ago, if FE brought you in them im sure you're in the up to date one, and like bp said, it should be in the castrum district across from legion office, vendor is off to the left side of the helm temple
05-19-2015 07:10 PM
As I have multiple Helmite characters: I have researched this vendor with another character. For my Paladin; Dade Linknus offers the "private stock", and will sell to that character.
My Helmite who began his quest story line is stuck in limbo, unable to complete the Quest (broken) and unable to speak to Dade till it's finished. Again, no gear purchases possible, no text available till the quest is complete.
I am referring to the Church of Helm in the city, in the Castrum. The npc there is Dade Linknus Paladin of Helm, "quest giver/ faction gear sales vendor". Till his quest is complete he will not speak to any character who accepts his quest to help the Church. This was the way one joined the faction in the past.
His quest is missing the portion where you confront gang members in the farmland near Exigo trading post. The gang members do not spawn, making the quest impossible to complete, and therefore making Dade Linknus (Faction vendor) inaccessible to said character who takes up his quest.
So succinctly- the problem is: Broken quest leads to nowhere and bars access to the faction vendor by character once a fore mentioned quest is accepted.
Thank you guys for trying to assist me in this problem, unfortunately till the npc is repaired my character is out of luck it seems.
The NPC is buggy because of this quest text included in his introduction-it leads any perspective recruit to the faction without ability to ever speak to him again after accepting his quest. "So you want to join the Church of Helm?" leads to the last words the NPC will ever speak to that character again.
05-19-2015 07:29 PM
oh wow thats really shitty :S
05-20-2015 02:20 PM
Yes, it makes trying to become a Helmite or interacting with that NPC's r.p. text a trap that will prevent faction gear from ever being sold to ones character. It needs fixing. Any one wanting to become a member of the church of Helm will go speak with this npc to do so, thinking his quest is the only "in game" avenue to join the faction. (It once was) Afterward, even if the character becomes a member of the faction by some other means the npc will not function correctly as he is awaiting the quest completion to trigger his next message and receive said character into the Church, then he opens the "private stock" gear to the character. That can't happen. He simply stands there even after you are a member of the faction. Your character will forever be unable to buy gear from him as long as you have the broken quest. It sucks! Either the quest needs repair to allow its completion or the quest giving text on the Npc needs removal.
I was wondering: Am I likely to get any help?
05-20-2015 02:57 PM
Probably not. You should role up a arbiter character or legion for helm until its fixed. Or if a dm is nice enough they can just buy the gear for you. But that kinda defeats everything.
05-20-2015 03:06 PM
I put this issue in a Character request hoping to get it noticed as well. I had my heart set on strengthening the Helmite church and eventually manning the Church in Port Avanthyr as this priest later on. I know you can't even enter it right now, I was hoping to see it fleshed out in he near future. Maybe become one of it's priests that still adventure and face evil head on as a soldier of Ole' Helm.

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