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Torgar 10-10-2016 01:24 AM

Issue is that, since faction system is still broken, no one can really use their gear. It is true we could hop on and roleplay, issue comes on when we take any faction gear off, and can't ever put it back on. Usually just an issue if we come to pvp or want to run any PVE content after taking stuff off. I'm totally for playing though, even with server being as is.

Even with the faction system broken, it's not like our server is bad. Hell, even with broken faction system, we're still the best-made server out there IMO. Smoothest walk meshes, no area's with horrible camera angles, smart spawn rates, good challenge level. Classes that feel almost completely balanced against each other. If people want to hop on the server with characters new or old and RP, I'm totally down.

Torgar 06-13-2017 02:24 AM

So, kind of telling that it's been 9 months since anyone posted any news in this channel. If the staff is done working on the server updates, a heads up would be nice. Then just wipe the vault and let us play new characters with non-broken factions and we're good to go. We literally don't need to go further than that at this point, it's years past when the big "update" was supposed to be in. Just give us what you have. Please. Seriously, just put in what works, wipe the vault, and be done with it. Update it later. Just don't keep pretending the big super update is going to happen.

Kasso 06-15-2017 05:26 PM

Vault Wipe seems to be live

Edit; nvm, just mine seems empty, lol

nezzerscape 07-11-2017 09:14 PM

Any chance the classes/races/etc. can be posted? I know the Wiki is broken and low priority, perhaps google docs or some other free file sharing program?


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