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jarlexel 10-28-2015 12:59 PM

as far as Doomguide, is Kelemvor still dead?

[DM] Grinning Death 10-28-2015 01:06 PM

As a doornail.

Sparkie 12-10-2015 03:28 PM

Alright, so, a question or two about submitting character bios for after the wipe:

For these retirement plans, are the staff wanting us to write these as in character tellings of what our character's plans are, in the style of an RP post on the forums, or done as a simple out of character description of their plans?

And while on this topic, is that Dropbox that was mentioned still where the staff were wishing to have these sent?

Thanks, and see ya's server side.

[DM] Grinning Death 12-10-2015 04:52 PM

Well, hold off until the Epilogue event. After that, I'll start adding things to the wiki, and people can make a projection based on that. And yeah, a proposed ending for your PC and all the juicy details.

greypawn 12-13-2015 12:15 AM

Can we play drow now? I have a paladin concept I want to try out.

Doubtful 12-13-2015 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by greypawn (Post 175091)
Can we play drow now? I have a paladin concept I want to try out.

Steven! Fetch the pitchforks and torches, I feel an angry mob coming on!

greypawn 12-13-2015 05:10 PM

I roll seduce on all the peasants and show them my dark elf boobies, in a respectful paladin way.

On an actual thought, whats going to happen with the religion/deities? Faerun regions often have a few dominate deities that influence/reflect their local culture. Sundren has always had so many. Take the port, for example, it has/had Umberlee, Selune, Valkur, Ilmater, Waukeen, and Helm? Thats a lot of religions with a physical presence in a port town of 4000. Waterdeep has a population of something like 130,000 and only four dominate religions. Ten Towns has something like 6,500 people and it has one dominate religion. I'm not saying players shouldn't be allowed to play a character that follows whatever deity, because many people have played adventurers/wanders/foreigners, but it'd be nice to see the local faith a bit more solidified.

[DM] Grinning Death 12-13-2015 05:48 PM

Religions won't change much, tbh. There will always be the presence of however many gods, because it is Faerun. But actual temples are fewer in number.

1. Avanthyr has Helm/Selune
2. Aquor has Sune
3. Sestra has Bane/Myrkul
4. Sundren has Helm/Triumvirate

Torgar 12-13-2015 06:05 PM

You forgot one GD.

5. Blackwood has Kyle Rendell

[DM] Grinning Death 12-13-2015 06:17 PM

My apologies. The temple even has this amazing portrait of him:

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