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sonuvalich 08-10-2017 11:50 PM

Red Dawn - The Epilogue of High Arcanist Sandro
Hello everyone. I spent a long time trying to write a fitting conclusion to my favorite Red Wizard, and I finally got it done. It is super long, so if you hate walls of text don't even bother, but I hope it is a fun and enjoyable read. It's probably a tad non-canonical, though I had discussed some of the points with DM staff way back when and got a sense of approval for it, so here's hoping none of it overreaches.

If I haven't scared you off at this point and you want to check it out, here is the Google doc link. Enjoy!

gamestarmike 08-11-2017 08:24 AM

Lucious Tarvitz was proud to serve in the great battle err cleanup! (I'm sure he wont get comped on doing the repairs, right? right!?) I'm sure whatever Lucious was laughing at, it would have been 10/10. And the tardiness? I'm sure he just got the time wrong is all :) of course he wanted his master to win! Who else is going to feign complements for is engineering works.

The fight was expressive and entertaining to read. Romar's story fulfilled was also great. I'm sure with Lucious' conjuring and the rest of the gang we can see her once more in the netherverse of sundren fiction :)

I dare say, congratulations and great work!

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