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Saulus 04-20-2015 10:02 AM

Donation Drive
Hey everyone,

So you may have seen my post mentioning this earlier but there is a hosting renewal for the website coming up very soon (May 5th). The renewal is about 300 bucks and I've been considering downsizing the package for the site.

I would like to avoid doing that if I can as it's quite a bit of hassle. If anyone is able to help donate and cover the costs this will go a long way to keeping things up and running. We've had a lot of hiccups with the server lately which has resulted in more than a few trips to the bench. Everyone has helped pitch in a lot in the past and frankly that's why we've been going so long.

Thanks for your support!

Saulus 04-23-2015 12:25 PM

Almost halfway. Thanks for everyone who pitched in so far.

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