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Doubtful 03-21-2015 11:28 AM

Update notes, March 21st 2015
- NPC changes following IG events.

- Flag drop fixed.
- Faction stores added to area.

Shar's Abaddon
- Access to flagroom fixed.

- Ongoing system work from Snowmane.
- assorted other bugfixes.

ManUtd4Ever 03-21-2015 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by Doubtful (Post 172763)
- Flag drop fixed.
- Faction stores added to area.

Thank you!!

jarlexel 03-21-2015 11:34 AM

Cool !

Yevelian 03-21-2015 11:52 AM

Excellent. Can't wait to see the changes.

Sparkie 03-21-2015 11:59 AM

Awesome! Can't wait to check it out!

toupz 03-21-2015 12:02 PM

Wow nice =) thanks

gamestarmike 03-21-2015 01:06 PM

I think this guy was missed, outside of 'The Floating Flagon'

The new NPC's look sick by the way, I love the color.

Doubtful 03-21-2015 01:07 PM

Yeah, noticed that earlier. They'll have to make a fine and happy couple for a little while :D

Also, it appears the flag drop still isn't functioning in Sestra, sorry about that.

gamestarmike 03-21-2015 01:13 PM

Maybe a 'Romeo and Juliet' event is in order? lol!

Redjack 03-22-2015 08:12 PM

Did the Myrkul store get moved to a accessible location?

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