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thaelis 08-21-2014 02:45 AM

I like the new area, especially the style of the guard house!

Torgar 08-21-2014 08:21 PM

Were-pires are not "made". They are foretold in prophecy using the entrails of a dire goat, everyone knows that. Sheesh.

nezzerscape 08-22-2014 11:17 AM

@ Saulus's, thank you for the additional information.
@ Staff, thank you for making this a great place to come back to


nezzerscape 12-16-2014 04:31 PM

Question on Werewolves stats:

Does "Transformed (appearance changes) (Bonuses / feats IN ADDITION TO) Once per day ability" mean the stat bonuses get swapped or stacked (ie str goes to +12)? If swapped does it work like changing gear, where (some) bonus spells get doped?


Lotus 12-16-2014 04:41 PM

Werewolves have been scrapped due to persistent problems with the scripts and their behavior in the live module.

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