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  3. Tales of a Rashemi Warrior Vol.1: Silverhalls Existence.
  4. A Commentary on the Code of Torm, Vol. 1
  5. An excerpt from Tammy Plumtummet's Tome of Terrible and Terrific Things, Volume IV
  6. Biography: Abbot Orlan Proskus
  7. Sentient Swords, Volume I
  8. Druidic books.
  9. A STUDY OF THE WAYS OF THE ILMATARI (collected essays)
  10. Elven For Dumbies - Book 1 - Greetings - Perryweather Chimes
  11. An Orcan Tale of The Shaman & The Fish
  12. Legion Tactics, the Five Formations
  13. Thoughts on creation part I
  14. The psychology of the dead
  15. The Cult of Ao
  16. The Unwriting of the Overgod
  17. Fea origins
  18. State v. Grayshade
  19. The Sicarii
  20. The Gondsman's Guide to Geneses
  21. Faerie Tales, by Felix Locii