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  1. Are you purchasing NWN2 on October 31st?
  2. Do you miss the radial menu from Neverwinter Nights?
  3. What alignment are you in Neverwinter Nights 2?
  4. Who is looking foward to the development of the NWN2 online community?
  5. What is your favourite race in NWN2?
  6. Do you think NWN2 is true to pen and paper D&D?
  7. Who was your favourite companion in NWN2?
  8. Which feature of Sundren draws you in the most?
  9. Character Wipes after beta, your thoughts?
  10. What is your favourite Faerunian Diety?
  11. PvP - What punishment should exist?
  12. Death timer (3 mins) on Non-pvp kills as well?
  13. Time to level 20?
  14. What XP system method do you like best?
  15. What feature would you like implemented first?
  16. Revisit of PVP - What should it be?
  17. Are you going to buy the NWN2 expansion when it comes out?
  18. What is your favourite snackfood?
  19. What kind of content do you find the most enhancing to your gameplay experience?
  20. What do you think of the new website skin?
  21. What are you most looking forward to in Mask of the Betrayer?
  22. Would you be interested in buying Sundren merchandise?
  23. How important are RP areas to you?
  24. How are the encounters to you?
  25. How is Sundren's DM coverage?
  26. How many times have you beat the MotB OC?
  27. How many characters do you have?
  28. What PRC would you like to see next?
  29. Do you stay at the inns around Sundren?
  30. What faction do you want to see joinable in Sundren first?
  31. What's your favourite thing about Sundren?
  32. Are you going to preorder SoZ?
  33. What kind of "new" environments would you like to see the most?
  34. What kind of creature template would you like to see?
  35. What do you think of the new Sundren Crafting system?
  36. Should PRCs be linked closely with Sundren factions?
  37. Question: Which Bear is Best?
  38. What Alignment is Most-Often Played Incorrectly?
  39. What Stat Bonuses are Appropriate for Items?
  40. Do you feel your character can make a difference?
  41. Are Stores too Expensive?
  42. Spell Component Costs: All Spells or Just Some?
  43. More Things to Kill!
  44. What Needs the Most Attention?
  45. Do you listen to the ingame music or your own?
  46. What would you like to see the most?
  47. Apprehending PCs: How should it be handled?
  48. What would you like to see most in future updates?
  49. Sundren Twitter Feed
  50. How Do You Feel about Sundren's Leveling Pace?